Buyer Questions & Answers

Being the first time homebuyer is very exciting.  All the money saved over the years, all the headache living in apartments and a need of dealing with unreasonable landlords, all the ideas of how to decorate “my home” and being able to invite friends over for parties, etc. It’s almost over and will be a reality that you are about to become a homeowner.

Being a first time homebuyer before ourselves and working with a lot of homebuyers during our daily work, we know and are sympathetic with your concerns.  We’ve put together a list of questions that our buyers have asked us.

Please do not hesitate to call and ask us ANY questions that you have that you don’t see from those below. 

Question: Could you help me search for a house?

Answer: Of course, if you live in Phoenix Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), we (US Delta Realty) certainly can.

Q: How much do I pay for your service?

A: In a regular sale, you do not have to pay us anything.  In other words, your interests are 100% represented at no cost to you.

Q: Do I need to do to get ready for the house hunting?

A: If you’ve already contacted a loan officer and got approved, you should be ready.  However, we prefer walking you through the process and explain to you all the steps in the process before taking you out to see listings.  We truly believe an informed homebuyer is a happy client.  We always want you to be a happy homeowner and client.

Q: I saw many websites on the Internet that list all the houses for sale and want to search my dream house on those sites.

A: Unless you have spare time to spend, we don’t recommend you do the research. Why not spend time on something more productive? Leave the job of research to us. We are acting, and hope you agree, as your trusted adviser in your real estate purchase and will not disappoint you.

 Q: Is NOW the best time to buy a house?

A: The best time to buy a house is when you are financially and psychologically ready to be a homeowner.  Being a homeowner has its rewards, but you need to know all responsibilities that come with it.

 Q: Do I get financial assistance from government for being the first time home buyer?

A: It depends.  Some jurisdictions have programs and financial incentives for owner occupied properties.  The best way to find out is to contact a local experienced loan officer.  We can connect you with many loan officers we work with.

Q: Can I be my own agent when buying a house?

A: You certain can.  However, being your own agent, especially in buying your first home, carries a lot of risks that we don’t recommend.  We have a post on this website to explain the pros and cons of being your own agent.

 Q: Should I need to have an agent if we decide to buy a new house from a builder?

A: Yes, you should. If you plan to spend $300K on a new house, you should have some type of representation during the transaction.  Contrary to some people’s thinking that new constructions have nothing to worry about, there are builders out there, that are willing to cut corners on their construction.  Besides, and again, it does not cost you anything when you have an agent to represent you.  A diligent agent does more work in helping you buy a new build than you expect.

 Q: What is the current market condition?

A: It varies.  Even in the same city, houses in different zip codes enjoy different levels of appreciation.  We at USDR follow market closely and publish regular market updates (please check out the updates somewhere in this site).  However, each zip code, and even neighborhood, has its unique characteristics that need a more thorough assessment for accurate estimates.

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