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It all started with the company’s founder’s desire of using his skills and knowledge to help individuals like you, whether you are buyers, sellers, or investors, to become informed when you are ready to make purchase or investment decisions in real estate.

You might have heard countless stories of people who lost hundred thousands or even millions of thousand dollars during last real estate bust in 2006-2008 period.  They are friends and family members who, at the height of the boom, thought they were on the road to riches and decided to pour all their savings into real estate.  They bought and flipped houses.  They kept buying and selling until the day they couldn’t sell fast enough.  Unfortunately they were the buyers, not the sellers, in the last transactions and the purchases were more, a lot more, than they could handle.  And the prices kept falling, and falling forever.  Well, you know the rest of the history.

It is sad, very sad to see their fortunes lost, their credits destroyed, and their dreams shattered.  All of these losses could be traced back to a lack of knowledge of the subject from the very beginning.  Real estate investment is not something that individuals can take lightly.  It requires money and a reasonable amount of knowledge of the subject to be a successful investor – the more expensive the investment, the more extensive the knowledge required.

We at U.S. Delta Realty set out to do just that – we want to share with you knowledge and experience in real estate to help you avoid costly mistakes and succeed in the real estate investment in the future.  We don’t want to see you, or your friends, or your family members to go through the pain that others did during the crash.  We want to help share and guide you through the complexities of the subject.  We will help you master the details of real estate investment, proving to you that it is true road to wealth.

Our company’s philosophy when it comes to investment is very simple:  “We do not rest until you achieved your goals“.

We look forward to working with you in your real estate investments.

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